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KAL Team Spotlights


Helen W. Hernandez

Scientist and Founder

Helen has been with KAL Research Initiatives since its inception in 2018 when it was little more than an affiliation for her to have listed on publications which were neither associated with her previous academic, nor full-time industry position. After that, KAL Research spent a few years as a repository for ideas, hopes, and dreams. Countless hours were spent sipping coffee, reading science papers, their references, learning jargon, refining searches, reading more references, and generally enjoying the stress-free ideation part of science. Fast forward to today, the organization has become a tremendous vehicle for putting that accumulated knowledge into action and doing it with Love.

Lynne Muli

Project Manager

Lynne Muli is a passionate project manager with a background in integrated community development and health care management. She is passionate about Sustainable change and health care management geared towards clinical action. She has A bachelor of arts in Integrated community development from Daystar University Nairobi and is currently pursuing her Masters in Health care management in UNICAF Zambia. Through experience working in hospitals as a social worker, she has become passionate about streamlining the healthcare systems hence her interest in healthcare management and rare diseases. She has been instrumental in the birth and transformation of the R69 Initiative.

Lynne is extremely creative, helpful, and inspirational. She is internally motivated and proactively adapts to change foreseeing needs as circumstances change. 


Mohamad Alm


Mohamad is an ambitious creative designer who finds delight in creating infographics, charts, converting complex information in simple attractive & easy to understand to our reader about the facts and ideas. 


His varied professional background and passion have prepared him for this role on our team.

Sidney Muchemwa

Implementation Manager

Sidney Muchemwa is an Occupational Therapist and clinical researcher working with the R69 Initiative, where he serves as an Implementation Manager. He is driven by the need to help people of all ages develop the prerequisite physical and mental skills for success in everyday life, wherever they live, learn, work, and play. This commitment speaks to his core as an Occupational Therapist. A graduate of the University of Zimbabwe Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Sidney holds an undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy. Currently, he is a Master of Science degree candidate in Occupational Therapy at the University of Cape Town.

Sidney is passionate about implementing solutions for communities in Africa, focusing particularly on improving the quality of HIV/AIDS, Rare and Neglected Tropical Diseases, and mental health services in low-resource settings. He strongly believes that rigorous research and advocacy can enhance access to diagnostics and care, ultimately improving health-related quality of life (HRQoL), especially for marginalized populations lacking essential healthcare services.




Data Scientist

Anthony is an innovative individual, passionate about increasing access to medical diagnostics.  He has visions of shortening the diagnostic odyssey many patients face. He has interest in machine learning algorithms and using AI to output complex rare diseases.

Anthony is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Grand Valley State University. He then completed the Applied Data Science Program at MIT. Currently he is an Emergency Medical Technician working on becoming a Paramedic.


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