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Helping the Rare and Undiagnosed


For Care-Givers and Patient Organizations

​Through Targeted Tutoring we can work with interested parties to:

  • Interpret complex scientific literature, breaking down jargon and identifying the most relevant insights

  • Build confidence in navigating new concepts and unfamiliar terminology

  • Absorb knowledge through customized mediums including scientific papers, YouTube videos, conference talks, etc.

  • Ask the right questions to advance their understanding

  • Direct them to additional experts and resources in the field

  • Produce summaries of scientific articles for patient audiences

To build a more inclusive program, we have a 30% pro bono commitment.


For Companies

For companies who align with our mission, we can provide literature reviews, white papers, and/or scientific consulting. 

For Whole Communities

We launch specific initiatives to address challenges and gaps in a highly collaborative fashion.

Please see

We envision a world in which diagnosis for people with rare diseases is less arduous and we think the R69 code for "illness unspecified" could be leveraged to formally identify when someone has an uncertain diagnosis and that then follow-up action can take place to make the path to diagnose a bit straighter.

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