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Client Spotlight:
Company - TREND Community


TREND Community’s mission is to improve the quality of life for all of us living with rare and chronic disease. Our technology leverages social media to better understand disease burden. Our community-driven approach is accelerating the discovery and delivery of new treatments


“Excellent summary, very concise, readable and complete. Thanks!” - Dr. Robert Wassman, Medical Advisor TREND Community

Helen at KAL Research Initiatives has been extremely supportive in orienting the team on background knowledge and historical data on rare and chronic diseases for our data analyses. As we embark on new projects, Helen at KAL Research Initiatives educates our data scientists on the greater context of the disease and describes what is known, as well as apparent gaps in the literature, to ensure that each analysis is thorough and complete. 


KAL Research Initiatives is proud to support TREND Community to help them advance their goal of highlighting the voices of the true experts in a disease - the patients themselves.

These projects provide tremendous opportunity to grow in knowledge about a variety of diseases through the scientific literature, which I enjoy immensely. - Helen Hernandez


I appreciate that I get to provide the context for a given disease space and then get to watch the patient voice translated to meaningful insights. In their Evidence Accelerator Workshops, they bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to reflect on the experiences of people living with that disease. The whole operation is impressive and I'm thrilled to contribute. 

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