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KAL Research Initiatives, LLC is a small company with a big vision for rare and neglected diseases. Our mission is to identify opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry that are risky and uneconomical. We aim to take on these challenges with a long-term perspective. Where these challenges overlap with in-house skill sets we aim to promote realistic solutions to those collaborators best positioned to impact change. 

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Diseases that are localized in regions without well developed economies present additional challenges beyond the biochemical complexities of the diseases. We believe that a lack of economic incentives should not stand in the way of progress but simply that the situation demands creativity and collaboration. 

Rare Diseases

Rare diseases in the United States are defined by the NIH as occurring in fewer than 200,000 individuals. Limited commercial value coupled with high costs of drug development present barriers for the production of treatments for rare diseases. We consider this a challenge worth addressing and aim to do so. 

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